03/05/16Proposed Templates for Captive Reporting
25/11/15Commercial Risk Europe_IAIS adopts Applic.o.captives
23/08/15Captive Review_IAIS.captive paper-Consulation comments
03/08/1530.07.2015_IAIS_Public Consultation_Comment Captive Paper_one_page Application_Paper_on__Regulation_and_Supervision_of_Captives_Insurers-2
15/05/15Solvency II to benefit captives but concerns remain_15.05.2015
04/03/15 ECIROA_MIA_offer_to_members_Feb15 Zurich Multinational Insurance Application for ECIROA members_Feb15
16/02/1516022015_Interview Mr Droese ECIROA Post
20/01/15ECF - Captives, Int`l Programs BEPS, Strategy CRE 20.01.2015
20/01/15ECF - news report Captives and the importance of being Strategic CRE 20.010.2015
20/01/15ECF - news report IAIS campaign CRE 20.01.2015
20/01/15ECF - news report Int´l Programs CRE 20.01.2015
20/01/15ECF - news report Tax and Captives CRE 20.01.2015
07/01/15Eciroa`s  Technical Organizer of the European Captive Forum 2014 has produced a short video to get an quick impression of the conference in Luxembourg, Nov 2014 http://www.captivereview.com/features/european-captive-forum-2014/
19/11/13Captive Industry Position on Article 78 SCRSC1
27/06/13ECIROA Comments on Consultation Paper on Proposal for Guidelines on submission of information to national competent authorities
27/06/13ECIROA comments on Consultation Paper on the Proposal for Guidelines on Forward Looking assessment of the undertaking´s own risks
27/06/13ECIROA comments on Consultation paper on the proposal for Guidelines on the System of Governance
22/05/13Der Verhältnismäßigkeitsgrundsatz im Anwendungsbereich des Solvency II-Regimes unter besonderer Berücksichtigung firmeneigener (Rück-) Versicherungsunternehmen pdf
01/11/12Luxembourg for finance – The captive model is still very alive
02/06/12ECIROA comments on Application Paper on the Regulation and Supervision of Captive Insurers pdf
02/06/12Comments on CP9 pdf
02/06/12Comments on CP9 pdf
02/06/12Comments on CP9 pdf Proposed Templates for Captive Reporting pdf
02/06/12Comments on CP8 pdf
30/11/11EIOPA-CP-11-002 Technical Consultation on the Solvency II XBRL Taxonomy
30/11/11EIOPA-CP 04-11 - Equivalence assessment of the Bermudan supervisory system in relation to articles 172, 227 and 260 of the Solvency II Directivepdf
30/11/11EIOPA-CP 03-11 - Equivalence assessment of the Swiss supervisory system in relation to articles 172, 227 and 260 of the Solvency II Directivepdf
23/08/11Bafin PoP Presentation
01/08/11ECIROAs QIS 5 analysis
13/07/11AON_Proportionality 06-11 AON_Definition Captive 06-11 PoP Substitute
01/04/11Captive Review – The X factor
03/03/11ECIROA comment on Consultation Paper on Level 2 implementing measures pdf
01/03/11Captive Best Practice Guidelines pdf
01/12/10European Captive Forum 2010
24/09/10Position Paper on Solvency II - The Principle of Proportionality and its Application pdf
" This really is an excellent paper which provides argument in an orderly fashion. There is an over-attempt to define proportionality mathematically and because of this, certain critical qualitative judgments on the nature, scale and complexity of risk have been eroded." Gordon Rowell, Head of Insurance Supervision Cayman Islands Monetary Authority
23/08/10Important Request pdf
01/04/10Make the case for captives
01/01/10Solvency II – An asset to captives?
21/12/09ECIROA Comment on CEIOPS CP-79/09 pdf
21/12/09ECIROA Comment on CEIOPS CP-77/09 pdf
21/12/09ECIROA Comment on CEIOPS CP-76/09 pdf
21/12/09ECIROA Comment on CEIOPS CP-71/09 pdf
04/11/09ECIROA Comment on CEIOPS CP - Simplifications for captives pdf
22/09/09ECIROA Comment on CEIOPS CP-58/09 pdf
22/09/09ECIROA Comment on CEIOPS CP-55/09 pdf
22/09/09ECIROA Comment on CEIOPS CP-52/09 pdf
22/09/09ECIROA Comment on CEIOPS CP-48/09 pdf
22/09/09ECIROA Comment on CEIOPS CP-47/09 pdf
22/09/09ECIROA Comment on CEIOPS CP-43/09 pdf
15/06/09Proportional representation
24/04/09ECIROA is delighted that the Solvency II directive is moving forward
29/01/09Executive Forum on Solvency II in Malta
19/01/09ECIROA presents Solvency II paper to CEIOPS
16/01/09ECIROA Comment on CEIOPS IGSRR 24/08 pdf
15/12/08Risk managers must lobby on Solvency II: Panel - 1
10/12/08ECIROA Comment on CEIOPS IGSRR 18/08 pdf
08/12/08Amendments directive Solvency II - 081007
08/12/08Bermuda´s new "solvency II" type requirements for Class 4 companies pdf
01/12/08ECIROA elects board directors
14/10/08ECIROA conducting benchmark study
09/10/08Amendments directive Solvency II - 080715 pdf
09/10/08Amended proposal for the European Parliament and of the Council on the taking-up and pursuit of the business of Insurance and Reinsurance, SOLVENCY II - Presidency compromise _ adopted ECON 081007 pdf
25/09/08Position paper on Treatment of captives in SOLVENCY II pdf
01/09/08EU Captive Report 2013 – Getting to the bottom of Solvency II
01/09/08Captive Review – A brief introduction to the principle of proportionality under Solvency II
01/09/08Captive Review – Solvency II – ‘Keep calm and get to work’
01/09/08Captive Review – ECIROA ‘convinced’ of proportionality
01/09/08Commercial Risk Europe – ECIROA calls for changes to implementing measures to avoid exclusion of up to 90% of captives